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User Comments for 702-751-3466:


June 28th 2013

I get a daily call from this number at different times of day. I don't answer because it's unknown to me. They don't leave a message either. I called them back but I get a recording saying "your call cannot be connected as dial".


July 25th 2013

Called me twice already in the last week, but did not leave a message.


August 7th 2013

I answered this call and it was a female...she said "she was calling re: suspicious charges made with my credit card". More specifically saying, "a suspicious charge of $200 for a hotel charge in Guatemala". And, "had I been in Guatemala yesterday". Too strange, I didn't like it at all though...even though< I have no credit cards. Still, it was unsettling and so, I blocked the number from calling my phone again.

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