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User Comments for 1-866-387-8751:


September 17th 2012

if u get a call from 1-866-387-8751, it is CBV collections and they are a legitimate collection company. The repeated calls can be a nuisance, but you can call their office in toronto and have the calls stopped. (416) 482-9323


November 6th 2012

collection company used by telus. they are know to degrade and belittle the people they are trying to collect from.


November 15th 2012

fucking fuck fuck ffuckin fuckers

scrotum licker

November 15th 2012

I love to suck and tickle scrotums!!!!!!!!!!!


November 15th 2012

Im itchy and burny


November 15th 2012

I got poop all over my balls and its starting to stain them brown

Very Bothered

December 7th 2012

this number called my landline(home phone) numerous times, and i had just got my phone hooked up and all of sudden i got a call so we call the number and its the collection agency asking for my name along with 2 other names sayn were all listed under this number and I was very UPSET because Telus gives my number to collection agency, are they allowed to do that? im currently a Telus client but somehow im getting a call from a collection agency when i just became a new client. But all the guy had to say was " so many ppl listed under this number!" and hangs wtf!


December 12th 2012

This number is a collection agency. It has phoned me weekly for months. I keep phoning back and indicating I do not know the individual they are asking for and ask to be removed from the call list. This works for a short period of time and begins again. I called today and asked for their supervisor who stated he was Tavares Kinda and agreed not to phone again. I stated if this number does call I'm forwarding his name and my cell bill to the RCMP for harassment.

big giant weiner

January 14th 2013

I want to dip my scrotum on there forehead


January 22nd 2013

Fucking fuckers! I pushed 3 to be removed from call list lastnight yet they called and woke up me and my kids at 715am!! Who the fuck calls at that time? After i pushed the number to have my number removed. Then it cost me long distance to call their head office to bitch them out! Stupid fucks!!


January 25th 2013

this number has been calling me for months dont they losers having something better to do...i stopped answer the calls it stopped for awhile now they are calling from different numbers...sometimes i get so mad i feel like going postal...lmao..


February 21st 2013

This company actually pays people to do this well then it is there lose because I know i do not owe money and I just ignore the calls because they are too stupid to understand that.


March 8th 2013

This number called me 4 times within the same hour despite me asking them to removed them from their stupid list. Since Iphone does not have a block option, they irritate me daily


March 10th 2013

Never been a telus customer dont own a cell phone and still this colleection agency phones at all times .sometimes asking for unkown names .Ignore most calls if you can then it stops for a while,then starts back up tried the push 3 on the phone doesnt do much been on a do not call list doesnt help either so it does drive you crazy .no need for disgusting comments from blogs above he didnt read the small print below.This company and many daily calls from these calls centres are a pain only market place (tv show)manage to track some of these darn shame our governent who is suppose to protect the consumer cant do the same then we all would have a quite llife from these people


March 13th 2013

Have no idea why they call. I received 15 calls in an 8hr period. I have NO outstanding debt. First time they called they asked all kinds of personal questions which i refused to answer,I asked who they were and why they were calling. would only ID themselves as a collection agency and would not tell me for what! Told them i don't OWE anyone anything.They continue to call randomly.I do not answer any calls from this number.


March 14th 2013

these fukers are fukers , fukers, fukers! always phoneing for no gottdam good reason either..sick of them, i owe them fuk all and neither do i owe anyone else...go fuk urselves fukers and may your phone cord get wrapped around your head!!

Your Death

March 14th 2013

Sick of this number calling me!!!! they call up to 5 times a day on my home phone number, my home phone is from shaw, cell phone is from rogers, They keep calling me asking someones name, When i tell them Im not the person, they asked me to send them fax copy of my ID , only this way they will stop calling me. I told them nicely 2 times to leave me alone, 3rd time I yield at their representative because he didnt want to give his name, telling me its irrelevant

Your Death

March 14th 2013

btw they call me always at the same times at 7:00am, 11:00am, 14:00pm , 18:00pm and 22:00 pm, +/- 15 minutes


March 19th 2013

calls started March 18. First call was a female who left a message saying I needed to call them before 11:17am March 19. Now they've called repeatedly both days, so far only in the mornings, and haven't left a message since. Glad I had the instinct to google the number before I called them back as this isn't the only site I found regarding this number. Apparently they will call from another number too


March 30th 2013

These morons keep calling several times a day even tho I have told them overe and over that they have the wrong number. Guess the next step is to report them to the authorities and go from there!!


April 4th 2013

Yeah they keep calling me all the damn time, I just got a message from someone saying they will make me a deal if i call them back, they don't even tell me who the hell they are and its getting quite annoying!!!!!!! how do we stop it??


April 5th 2013

They keep calling and hanging up


April 5th 2013

stop calling me i dont know who are you 3 years you calling me hwo are you i dont know you zzzzzzzzzz stop caling me if you call me again i will go to edmonton police i will give your number just live me alone bye.


April 9th 2013

those people are crazy!!! they phoned me at 8 in the morning when I was sleeping, and I received more than 50 phone calls from them within a week, and I said FUCK OFF last time, wish they never call me again. cant even focus on my work!!!!!! I told them I was not the person they were looking for, but they just never stop!!


April 22nd 2013

These assholes call me 2-3 times a day. When I answer they hang up. How do I make them stop? Who do I report them to?

I'm a 19 year old student with no debt.


April 23rd 2013

They call me all the time and are asking for David Green??????????????? Who doesnt live here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 25th 2013

who r these ppl. when u finally do answer.!!!!!!!!!! nobody is fkin there. I don't owe any money, isn't there some place that can deal with these idiots. yea so called NO CALL LIST my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 4th 2013

who r these ppl. when u finally do answer.!!!!!!!!!! nobody is fkin there. I don't owe any money, isn't there some place that can deal with these idiots. yea so called NO CALL LIST my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred Levine

July 17th 2013

They keep phoning about five times a day and I answered and they said I owed 10,000 dollars and I told them I don't have that kind of money they said they will keep on phoning me anyways

cease and desist

July 17th 2013

if you send them a letter of cease and desist signed by a commisioner of oths they can no longer contact you. only by mail


August 30th 2013

Tell your phone provider your being harassed and they will give you a new number. End of problem .


April 20th 2014

Contact Equifax or Transunion in Canada to check your credit history. Maybe someone has your info and is getting things in your name without you knowing about it. And the imposter is racking up debt in your name. Good luck!

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