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User Comments for 0012102490540:

Norton Miller

May 12th 2014

I receive calls from this number multiple times each day. I don't answer, just let my machine take the call. There's never a message left.

jean burrows

July 4th 2014

This number calls all the time. I have no idea who it is.


July 23rd 2014


Sick of jokers calling me

July 31st 2014

Got a call at 13.15 from these lovely people. Trying to sell something. So I sung them a song about cancer and how I hope it makes them die.

Cancer will make you die
Cancer will make you die
When you're coughing up chunks of lung in your eye
Cancer will make you die.

I am guessing they must have done, as they hung up whilst I was singing the last line.


August 6th 2014

Prolific telemarketer(s) and scareware scammer(s) targeting English-speaking consumers in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and USA.

Per global feedback online, 2102490540 has been used for the full gambit of cold calls; Computer Virus (Scam), Car Accident, Cavity Wall Insulation, Green Energy, Investments, Kitchen Recycling / Scrappage, PPI, Share Sales, Sky Hub / Box, Surveys, Tax Credit, Windows Scrappage...

Could be a US, UK or India etc based company or individual(s) using automated calling systems (ACS), such as predictive or power diallers and Caller ID Spoofing through the use of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology ie calls are not originating from San Antonio, TX, USA, and are not using the network provider registered for 2102490540.

NB: The FTC successfully won a Civil Action against a company on 03-Oct-12 for the computer virus scareware scam. I only hope that the regulators across the globe continue to work together, as appropriate, to prosecute the perpetrators using +12102490540 suffice to freeze their assets and heavily fine them, neigh ideally close them down!

ABANDONED and SILENT CALLS: Ofcom - > Enter # 12102490540

UNSOLICITED SALES and/or MARKETING CALLS from an overseas company that you can identify and whom you think may be a UK company should be reported to ICO: > No > Report Your Concern > ...


Jan P

August 29th 2014

Called me this morning did not have time for them due to husband being gravely ill. Said they were Microsoft & someone was trying to hack into account they'd sent me 200 messages to warn me (NO MESSAGES CHECKED>) & not to use my computer today. They are going to call me back. I bet they're trying to extract information, not a chance..


September 2nd 2014

Had call supposedly from Microsoft etc. Told them I didn't hav a computer. he called me a f****** asshole for wasting HIS time!

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